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Welcome to ellacrea

The brand ellacrea is an exciting new venture for textile designer Zelda Middleton, based in Oakville, Ontario. She founded the company in the last year of her studies in Craft & Design(Textile Design) at Sheridan College. ellacrea means “she creates”, which is a term she has always resonated with. She takes inspiration from innovative, courageous and thoughtful artists across the world who believe strongly in expressing themselves through designing, creating and making.

Zelda likes to think of her designs as functionally beautiful and believes the joy and passion she feels in the making process is “fingerprinted” in her pieces and passed on to their new owners.

The Capstone Thesis project for her degree in Textile Design focused on the connections between brain chemistry and the creative process. The fascinating world of what individual creativity looks like in neuroscience and how it starts its cognitive journey, inspires large parts of Zelda’s practice. The work she enjoys the most is the meaningfully created stuff that intuitively recognizes the individual enjoyment, values or tastes in her customers making them feel like Zelda’s pieces were custom-made especially for them. That’s why she loves selling pieces to customers who are buying gifts for special friends or loved ones.